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What Women Are Saying:


laverne francis 


Susanna has really helped me discover that I am capable of more, more truth, more greatness, more Power and more Me! She has a great spirit and nature that allows you to thrive. She speaks truthfully and from the heart. Thoroughly recommended! 

~ Lola 













“Susanna combines that precious unique balance of warmth, insight, and determination to stand by and for women as we embark on embracing our power. Personally she is the friend I can trust to call me out, with a loving nudge, to grab my dreams with both hands and make them come true! If you haven’t taken her free gift -DO IT NOW!!”

Marianne Gunther ATR-BC, LCAT
Creative Art Psychotherapist
Listening Art New York













While it is true that I am responsible for doing the work required of personal growth and have gotten myself to this point on purpose, Susanna’s role is essential in helping me to stay focused. She is like a midwife who helps the cocoon burst forth a butterfly, waiting patiently by the side of the incubating cocoon. She holds up a little candle so that I can examine the shadows in the darkness and head toward the light. She wisely knows that we each must choose our own trajectories and illuminate ourselves by doing the work. She does this herself and it shows! But she also knows that a little support can send us flying higher and more bravely into our futures. I feel her commitment and generosity of spirit. Her humility and wisdom combine to make her exactly the kind of person I want and need to support me on my journey to self-realization.

~ Elishia Gorgiou, Mother, Creativity Educator, Founder of Willow Nest Studio in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn












I started the More to Life Coaching program with Susanna about a year ago. Overall, I was in a pretty good place in life although I felt like I could do and experience more. I had been working with a counselor for codependency relationship issues but I could tell there were more changes about to happen. There were important things such as self-love, self-care, personal accountability that I haven’t quite learned. So I signed up and started this journey with Susanna for the next 9 months. The More to Life Coaching program with Susanna was a wonderful journey of rediscovering who I am and really learning how to love myself. And when you really do learn how to love yourself, amazing changes happen. At the end of the program, I am proud to say that I had a promotion, started a healthy, mature, and loving relationship, and accomplished a lot of big goals. It was honestly one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself. 

~ June Noel  




 lysyin - Copy

Susanna is an effective coach. She has helped me transform my life. I sent her my desperate letter Ellen asking for a life makeover. Susanne has helped me set goals to turn my life around. Her compassion, and nurturing nudged me along the way when I was ready to throw in the towel. My progress is noticeable to family and friends.
 ~ Ly Syin Lobster, Virtual Assistant at Professional Administrative Support Services














Susanna began helping me by raising my awareness about myself and my thinking patterns. Her MORE program served as a sounding board and a mirror to help de-clutter my mind and life. Just like an exercise program or a diet, it really helps to follow a structured schedule for mental improvement to avoid distractions and move forward. The most noticeable progress occurred when I was able to broaden my perspective and start being positive about my possibilities and my environment. 

 ~ Asli Tolon, Corporate Banking 






Susanna was a devoted guide and resource to me while I uprooted myself from the only life I’d known to a new one across the country. I didn’t know many people in the new city. Having Susanna to check-in with weekly to remind me of my strength and personal resources was so important to me. I felt Susanna heard me in a way I haven’t felt heard before.  She also pointed me in the direction of readings to keep handy, which are now go-to resources for my spiritual practice. I cherish these resources and am grateful to Susanna for shining light on them. I still have a long way to go in my process of self-discovery and know I can count on Susanna to bounce around ideas with me and to play with points of view. She took my often stubborn mind and challenged me gently, but directly, to question my approach. The most important thing I got from the work is having been awakened to my spiritual life. I highly recommend choosing Susanna to coach women through vulnerability and change. 

~ Michelle Gutman, Writer, Singer. & Seeker 




Susanna’s patience and wisdom have been indispensable in this part of my life’s journey. She has made it possible for me to consider myself in a world where I can be what I should be, what I want to be. I do believe I can step into the more that I believe I deserve – the more that I believe I can contribute – which is what this balance of inner exploration and expansive reaching out is about for me. Every day, feeling better feels more natural for me. I am becoming conscious, slowly opening my eyes and my heart to myself.

~ Nora K. Mother, Artist, Writer, Curious Seeker




laura 5


Susanna helped guide me to dig deeper and uncover the mindsets that left me feeling depleted and defeated.  When I learned how to invest more time and energy into taking “REAL” care of myself, everything else fell into place. I was able to launch a new cleansing program that I am now turning into a book, I found that I had more patience in my day to day life, and most importantly, I feel more genuine happiness and gratitude for the life I have created.  I am now much more evolved as a “Mom-preneur”, knowing when to press pause so that I can create the balance I need, with ease. Thank you Susanna! 

~ Laura Kauffmann, L.Ac, RYT, HHC
Acupuncture, Yoga, Nutrition, Health Coaching




NEW evepic 


I’ve done a number of “self-help” types of programs in the past, and the  most interesting thing about the work I did with Susanna is that it actually  shifted my core, and made intrinsic footprints on my world of  relationships, with myself and others: Susanna’s voice and guidance  continues to play a relevant and meaning role in my life. 

During my 6 month program, I verbalized intentions, seeing many of them through, and managed to create a peaceful, calmer, more organized version of myself. Not to mention I tackled financial burdens that had been hanging over my head for years, manage to make it to yoga at least once a week, got an amazing promotion, and negotiated a work situation that is absolutely perfect for me and enables me to travel, have days at home with my 2 year old and not work 80 hours a week but still be successful with work. Susanna’s tools help me on a daily basis constructing boundaries AND freedoms. I am eternally grateful for the lessons our work continues to teach me. 
~ Eve Martinez, Mother & Director of Events



NEW Sonia Toledo


Susanna’s support, guidance, and inspiration has enabled me to truly be empowered and take action towards my dreams. Today, my business has a strong following. I am a confident entrepreneur. And I have gained some strong insights and tools that keep me connected to my divine feminine power. 

~ Sonia Toledo, Founder & CEO, Dignity of Children



 NEW Nancy Charade
Susanna is a true warrior for us all women of this earth! She has a fierce vision of what the feminine aspect should and could embody for us all who are struggling to find our ways. She is pure love and grace and simplicity all at once. She has been a light for me as well as an inspiration. She has pushed me to start my very own feminine energy circle and I am really thankful to her for that and more.
~ Nancy Charade,  Present Life; Mom Extraordinaire
When I think of Susanna, I think of liberation of ‘Spirit’ and the path of acknowledging our own ‘Power’. Susanna has demonstrated nothing less than excellence of skill and remarkable natural ability to recognize and tune into the exact space we each need as women regardless of our circumstances. I am so grateful Susanna has taken the path that she has to share her walk, gifts, and wisdom with such humility and compassion. Her command of her own brilliance and humanity is inspiring and reminds me time and time again of my own greatness. Witnessing her continued alignment in to her own power has helped me align with my own.
~ Jeannette Grauer  DDS, PC
 NEW Jennifer Greenberg (1)
Susanna has guided my heart along its true path, the self that I am afraid to reveal sometimes. She helped me see that you can merely close your eyes and be quiet, and notice what your heart will reveal. Thank you, Susanna, for holding my fragile heart, and surrounding it with love! 
~ Jennifer Greenberg, Mother, Teacher, Sister, Buddhist  
Susanna’s insights, integrity and caring of the soul is soothing and inspiring. I attended a retreat of hers immediately after a death of a loved one. It was a very tearful, tender and vulnerable moment in my life. I felt embraced and comforted by her sensitivities. On a one to one basis I have felt listened to. I admire that she walks her talk and continually is searching avenues of empowerment and excellence for herself and those who are blessed by her presence and her work.
~ Kia Abilay, Energy & Intuitive Communicator
Susanna is an amazing facilitator and guide for women. She is connected on so many levels to a variety of spiritual practices and therapeutic healing modalities that whoever you are or whatever you believe in will have a space to enter and grow from. Susanna is soft spoken, but magical; contemplative, but electrifying, calm, but expanded. She is loving and kind and has mastered her ability to help women transcend the boundaries and self sacrificing behaviors which may be binding them and holding them back from reaching their greatest potential! I love working with Susanna and I always feel much more centered and ready to take on the world and my place in it after one of our sessions. 
~ Rev. Rhonda Akanke McLean-Nu, Interfaith Minister, Storyteller (Griot)
Rachelle H
Working with Susanna has proven to be a transformational experience. She has been a loving witness to my vulnerabilities and a strong guiding force for my growth. She has helped me to discover a level of self-awareness and self-confidence that I was missing. With her guidance, I have been able to move past self-doubts and learn to recognize my own power. I have found in her a kindred spirit, someone that speaks the language of the heart and listens without judgment. Her ability to get to the root of the matter with practical, sound advice, encouragement and calls to action is invaluable and the positive impact she has had on my life is immeasurable.
~ Rachelle Hartley, Artist & Woman in the Making!
karen kane pic
With patience and clarity, Susanna helped me untangle what I saw complicating my life. Learning to calm myself I finally gained a more compassionate view of myself and others. Of incredible importance to me was reconnecting to my personal art making. A busy career and family life left little time for the process that fueled me as an artist. Susanna guided me as I worked to rediscover my personal expression. This is a wonderful gift for which I am truly grateful! I highly recommend Susanna because she understands the challenges women face. She has the experience and wisdom to make a difference all of our lives!
 ~ Karen Kane, Artist, Graphic Designer, Mother
Susanna’s magnetic energy and contagious smile inspired me to work with her and helped me unlock my own joy. Her generous listening and openhearted sharing provided a safe space for my sacred inner work. My experiences working with Susanna have allowed me to fully grasp what she is committed to, creating space for women in a modern world that often feels anything but spacious. I am so grateful to Susanna for helping me remember who I am, a soulful woman, and that it is my birthright to live a life I love!
~ Natalie Rodriguez, Visionary Global Student


One of the most valuable lessons that I learned from Susanna is to hit the PAUSE button on my life to allow myself to get present to my body, mind and spirit. Susanna allowed me to see that I could continue to be successful on automatic but there would be a cost to that. Today I can say that I take time to self-care and to use the PAUSE button and not just because I am at the brink but rather as regular practice for self care. Thank you Susanna for showing me that I come first!
~ Trini Rodriguez, Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Agent of Hope














Susanna’s work brings 
spirituality into everyday living in a practical and approachable way. I find comfort in her wisdom and also in the ability to relate to her as a human and also as a woman.

~ Shannon Sodano, Yoga Teacher, Wellness Coach

Working with Susanna opened my eyes, mind and heart to what I really needed to be doing in my life! Through my work with Susanna I was able to realize work I am passionate about and align my life with the value of taking care of myself. Being an empowered woman has helped me a better mother, daughter and wife and instill in my daughter a sense of female empowerment that she will carry with her for the rest of her life. Susanna has helped me to keep my positive attitude and live in the present. Thank you, Susanna for all that you have done for me and other women. You are truly a blessing. 
~ Mali List Mayer, Personal Productivity Coach
 Lori 1
The longer I work with Susanna, the more I appreciate her nurturing energy and uncanny ability to ask the perfect question. She generates a space where I can reach deep into my own knowledge and intuition to make decisions and create my life.  Through her I’ve expanded my definition of self-care to include every aspect of my life, including career and business. 
~ Lori Antonacci, Antonacci Consulting: Websites • Digital Marketing • Events • Sponsorships & Fundraising
I began working with Susanna because I was entangled in ongoing wild, messy life management course of doing, doing, doing and doing. At times, I couldn’t catch my breathe and my body would find a way for me to finally slow down by having a burnout. Then I would recover and start my cycle again. Finally, I had enough.
Susanna helped me by teaching me in her soft, creative intuitive way, to implement into my life a self care ritual, time and goal management schedule which helped me develop a healthy approach of being in charge by taking a “pause” and by being attuned in to the rhthym and pace that will work well for me.The result was I began to feel that I am a precious and valuable human being that deserved to feel like a princess much of the time, to be seen and heard, and does make a difference in people’s lives ….I loved that Susanna is so authentic, genuine and real and became a role model for me. I would recommend Susanna to people who need a spiritual guide with compassion and a passionate drive to help your soul live a life of “more” achievement, purpose, happiness and health ….
~ Goldie Stern, Therapist, Wife & Mother

[Not Pictured]
Susanna has helped me in ways I never imagined. When I first started working with her, my goal was to find time to make art, and finish a particular project. That project turned out to be secondary, while Susanna helped me lay the foundation for change in numerous areas of my life! With her guidance, I’ve claimed time and physical space of my own; increased meaningful communication with my husband; and figured out ways to manage my challenges as I simultaneously care for young children and elderly parents. I may not have completed the project I intended to finish according to my original schedule, but I she made it clear how much groundwork needed to be laid before it could happen. Susanna is wonderful at helping me identify and clear through mental clutter – and I’m finally working on the the project, in a much clearer mental and physical space! I am so glad to be working with her.
~ Stephanie Krause