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With Susanna I can be my authentic self and unravel those parts of me that I forgot were even there. I don’t have to worry about being judged or pleasing anyone. In our work together I have gained not just a stronger sense of self but my voice,
at long last!

Julie Long
Albany, New York
Massage Therapist





In my work with Susanna I have gotten more OK with the harder parts of journey when I feel stupid, stressed out, ashamed, or even mad! Susanna has helped me see that amidst my challenging moments there is nothing wrong. I am whole, perfect and complete!

Tanya Jones
Philadelphia, PA
Writer, Mother, Wife


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My Coaching Programs

I offer three different coaching program options. Depending what your personal and, or professional goals and challenges are, determines which program is the best match for you. While each one is unique, they all provide a highly structured & focused experience in which you will be consistently transformed as you receive the gift of my individual attention, care, guidance, teaching, & coaching.

The “MORE” Life Coaching Program

Your “MORE” is that special individual something you sense deep down you want or need to be doing, communicating, creating, and sharing in your life in order to feel truly fulfilled. Even when you can’t completely articulate what this looks like, you know it’s out there waiting just for you! Your “MORE” is your greatness, your strength, and your might! The “MORE” Life Coaching Program takes you on a 9-month journey specifically designed to help you discover your “MORE” with Susanna at your side giving you; guidance, support, insights, teachings, cheerleading, and in those moments when you need it; a gentle but firm “push.” 

This program is for any women who:

  • Senses there is an illusive yet tangible “something” you want & need to feel fulfilled & satisfied in your life.
  • Has experienced this feeling for at least a few years now and are getting really sick & tired of being so stuck!
  • Knows what that “something” is but you are still held back from manifesting it because you are; afraid, feel insecure, lack confidence, or question your Power & Authority. (Self Doubt is a biggy!)
  • Recognize parts of the “something” you long for but you don’t know how to start articulating what it looks like nor how to turn it into a reality in your life.
  • Tells yourself money & time are the 2 greatest you can’t give yourself the loving, skillful, proactive, sensitive, and effective guidance & support you know deep down would help you take your big leap!


What does the program include:

  • 1 / 45min Getting Started Session in which we will map out your unique program plan based on where you are at in your present relationship to your “MORE
  • 25 / 45min “MORE” Life Coaching sessions with Susanna over a 9-month period
  • 1 / 45min Celebration Session at the conclusion of your program in which you will reflect on where you started, how far you have come, and where you want your next steps to be leading you…
  • Follow up ‘Self-Work’ assignments
  • Email communications between sessions
  • Short phone check-in calls between sessions as needed
  • Energy and breath work, meditation, visualizations, and relaxation exercises, journaling, and recommended reading
The Total Self-Care Program

There is pervasiveness today in the challenge we face as women to actually acknowledge & address the reality of our self-care needs. In response to my witnessing what I believe is a kind of epidemic of ‘self-care denial’ women participate in, I have created The Total Self-Care Program. This 6-month experience takes women on a highly focused and transformational self-care journey in which you create & implement New &  Sustainable practices to better support all levels of your being; physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental. It is designed to support women to at long last; identify, articulate, & address your self-care needs full on by giving you the knowledge and the tools to improve the quality of your life through placing your personal self-care at the very top of your “Must Do List.”

This program is for any women who is:

  • Mothering school-aged children or teens
  •  Heading or managing a household
  •  Dealing with your own illness, or a close family member’s
  •  Caretaking you or your partner’s parent(s)
  •  Running a company
  •  Creating a business
  •  Working full or part time
  •  Changing careers or looking for new employment
  •  Enrolled in an academic or intensive training program
  •  Dreaming about having time for just you!


What does the program include?

  • 1 / 60-minute ‘Get Started Session’ on phone or in person
  • 18 / 45-minute phone, Skype, or in person sessions to be used over a 6 month period, recommended 3 per sessions/month
  • 1 / 60-minute ‘What’s Next Session?’ at the completion of program on phone or in person
  • Follow up ‘Self-Work’ assignments
  • Email communications between sessions
  • Short phone check-in calls with Susanna between sessions as needed
  • Energy and breath work, meditation, visualizations, and relaxation exercises, journaling, and recommended reading
The Mom-Preneur Program

To mother, & manage your business well, in a way that is less exhausting and leaves you feeling more balanced & complete is the principle mission of this program. Everything from; creating new systems, new levels of organization, time management, accountability, limit setting, making realistic goals with reasonable action steps that don’t overwhelm you, are just some of the perks of this highly individualized program that works with your schedule as a mom and entrepreneur. Susanna uses her wisdom, practical expertise, & lessons learned as a Mom-Preneur for over 15 years to give you the exact support she knows first hand; you must have to ultimately begin managing your business and care for your family at the same time, without loosing yourself!

This program is for:
Mothers who have a business, who freelance, or are in the process of launching your own business opportunities and know you need guidance to better manage the fullness of: Your life as Mom and a Working Woman with REAL Aspirations!


The Mom-Preneur Program includes:

  • An initial 90-minute ‘Map Out Your Program Session’
  • 21/50-minute sessions to be used over 9 months (*possibly given summer can be slower time with your daughter at home, let’s look to ensuring you have 2-3 sessions in September by scheduling some of these 21 mtgs)
    Ideally we will meet 3x’s per month, or double up on some sessions for more intensive meetings.
    *I will require you to report to me between sessions via completing your journey logs
  • Program Completion Celebration Lunch to honor all that you have accomplished and to discuss and position you for what is next for YOU!
  • Recordings of all phone sessions
  • Check-in calls with Susanna between sessions
  • Access to Susanna by email for feedback/support
  • Weekly ‘Self-Work’ Assignments!