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Is it a message from the Universe?
Dreaming Woman

  I believe the Universe customizes special life lesson plans for us and so when, for example, we experience a pattern of encounters or interactions over an extended period of time, chances are it’s significant and best to start paying attention. Recently I did just this by finally taking to heart several completely different encounters I

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The Ultimate Practice

  Love is the essential reality and our purpose on earth. To be consciously aware of it, to experience love in others is the meaning of life. ~Marianne Williamson     L, plus O, plus V, plus E, creates one super high powered, 4-letter word. Love, that feel-good-term applicable to all our grammatical tenses and

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The Power of Witness

  One night during the winter of 2010 I went outside in the middle of the night and stood under the stars. It was cold and the snow that covered the ground got inside the slippers I wore and melted into my socks causing my toes to feel damp and chilled. Still I continued to

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Having Faith

“Magic, beauty, inexplicable, profound, deep, unfathomable are all words I associate with faith. Faith also is intimate, personal, and even private. It can be quiet yet has a power and force that many of us have witnessed in our own lives. Faith gives us strength,grounding, and conviction when hopelessness and uncertainty are a breath away.Faith is not a quick fix or an easy resolve to take care of our anxiety. It’s

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Include 'YOU': A Scheduling Concept that Works!
Juggling Woman

  When it comes to managing and scheduling our time, most of us put an emphasis on the ‘What & By When’ with our well-being needs coming second.   While of course this makes sense on one level, I have discovered in my own very full and active life as a mother, wife, writer, and life guide to

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