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The Art of Setting Limits
#1 me and Dad copy

  The unexpected showed up with the sudden passing of my father on January 11, 2013.   I share this very personal real life experience with you as I am certain one of the learnings I’ve had with my father’s passing can help you activate your ‘MORE’; that something you know you are meant to

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Your Warrior-Ess Witness
Cecily Fay As Boudiccu

  As we exit from the old of 2012 to usher in the new of 2013, it’s hard not to create a few fresh intentions, or renew old commitments to the little and big things you want to have in your life, or bring out into the world on a global, or community level. (Most

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My December 'MORE' Activation

  No matter where you are at, be it a place of tentative curiosity, or direct readiness, your willingness to explore any level of the ‘more’ you know you want in your life that goes beyond having enough money, possessions, or physical comfort and speaks instead to the ‘more’ of your purpose in this lifetime

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Our Tendency As Women
Image for Susanna's Message Dec

                      I am continually struck how hard it is for women to take inventory of all the good we make happen in our lives so we can celebrate our successes, versus focusing on what we didn’t accomplish, or still needs doing.   Sound familiar?   I see this

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Is Your Feminine Greatness Sleeping?
slumbering woman

  Feminine Greatness (F.G.) is my own term for the innate, exceptional capacities we possess as women that while not exclusively unique to our gender, are identified with our femininity. While men absolutely can and do have these attributes, generally in women they are more obviously pronounced, developed, and recognized. The list is actually long but some examples of

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