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Balancing the Yin & the Yang

  A few weeks ago I had one of those typical kinds of spousal conversations in which things went array with my husband, simply I believe, because of the differences in our male/female perspectives. I call this a meeting of the Feminine and Masculine Divines. Typically the first being the fluid, and organic with the

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Yes to Longing - Yes,Yes,Yes

  From my professional work as a teacher, guide, and mentor to women, and through my own personal life experience, I can say with absolute conviction that each of us carry within us a deep sense of longing. While the specifics can and do vary, fundamental to this collective yearning is our desire to experience

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The Common Daily of Our Lives

  Given just how much we are all managing in our very full lives today, excitement and curiosity admittedly may not be your very first feeling of the day. Here is the deal though every single day we awaken to the miraculous; that unexpected, and infinite rich quality of possibility that is the common daily

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Where is Your Psychic Territory?
me smaller portrait

  Last week I listened when something inside of me told me to take a walk in my local Prospect Park backyard a mere one block from my home and office.  After making my way across the open green lawn in the center of the park I reached a trail that led me into into some

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Standing at the Shoreline of Your Life

    My father died a short 3 weeks ago on January 11,2013. The period following this profoundly significant event in my life has been remarkable indeed. At times I feel such sadness, or utter exhaustion. And at other moments I am completely energized, and feel more vital and alive than ever. I’ve also been noticing

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