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The "NOT-ENOUGH" Consideration
Not enough

  This weeks blog is part 2 of last week’s The Mother Connection and is a part of Susanna’s book.    It’s impossible today for any of us to not be triggered around our own “enough-ness,” given how much our culture uses this very concept to demonstrate and than sell to us what we need to

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The Mother Connection
mom in bed and me

Susanna with her 84 year old mother Grail in 2010   The Mother Connection Our Introduction to the Feminine & “MORE” A chapter excerpt from Susanna’s book that she is presently writing…   Every mother has the significant role of being the initial mentor and teacher of what being female is to her children regardless

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What is "MORE"?

  An excerpt from Susanna’s book that she is presently writing…   For the past 15 years my work has been about empowering women to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives using my skills and training as a psychotherapist, Life Coach, and an ordained Interfaith minister. While the personal circumstances, characteristics, and details vary for the

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Your Summer Pace Need Not STOP

Are you ready now to resume the predictable faster, fuller, busier, pace that the fall seems to consistently usher in?   I am NOT! Especially because this past summer I actually managed to be productive and carefree; I had down time, adventure time, get healthy time, shop for local produce time, delicious meal planning and

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On Listening to Your: "SHE"

  Do you ever allow yourself to stop all your activity & quiet down to become still enough to hear the whispers of a still voice within yourself? You know that small soft voice that knows exactly what you want and need! While not always so audible, there’s a richness to its sound that can

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