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Being in Success

  I am thinking abut the meaning of “Success” today perhaps because I am turning 52 in March and pondering how I want to spend my energy in the next final third of my life. “Being Successful” I will not lie has mattered to me too much at times. I have spun my own wheels

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The Gift(s) of Acceptance
natalie be here now

    Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you have chosen it.   ~ Eckhart Tolle      These words of Eckhart Tolle, a true master of the now, are simple but not easy to do. This is because to actually accept the present moment is a challenging act that requires our

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Imagining Your Life into Being: Make Your Dreams Come True

    When women initially consider working with me to help them get at the heart of what they want in their lives, I ask them to indulge in a playful act of waving an imaginary magic wand that has the power to create any and everything they presently want in their life personally, professionally,

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How to Decide when Deciding is Hard

  Moment by moment what we say, do, feel, and believe are all a result of our making a decision (even when we are not aware of it.) Some decisions are spontaneous, while others take greater time and deliberation. Depending on what we are deciding the consequences will vary from subtle and not a big

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How to Be Patient in the Slow of Change

    ” We love the answers and suffer the questions. We worship the flower and ignore the soil. We covet the diamond and overlook the pressure it took to make it.”  – Gregg Levoy, Callings     These words by author Gregg Levoy recently inspired me when truth be told; I feel so ready to

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