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Are You a Heart Follower?

    A Heart Follower is not a social media thing! Heart Followers are simply the folks that dare to listen in to what makes their hearts truly sing in life and then pursue whatever those things are because they understand that their heart is the one and only compass to happiness and fulfillment.  

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Tired of Screening?

                          It’s been a long hard winter of spending many a day inside planted in front of this computer of mine. I love and hate this blessed and cursed place. The warm outside temps that got me to the park for a mid-afternoon

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When were you last in your "Wild"?

                                  A few days ago while standing in line at my local deli I watched a young boy reach for a roll of lifesavers and ask an older man who appeared to be his grandfather, “Can I get these?

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Why the Self-Help Industry Drives Me Crazy!
Novell, Inc

                              The saying “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath ” is sounding in my head as I think about my growing negative reactivity to the Self Help industry that I am very much a part of. I am a

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Where's Your Go-To Place?

  Our need to create special spaces to retreat to for solace is an instinct we all share and a necessity to our happiness and well being.     Beginning in childhood we built forts, hideaways, and worlds of make believe where hours passed unnoticed. Besides fostering our curiosity and creativity, those earliest Go-To Spaces

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