A Heart Follower is not a social media thing! Heart Followers are simply the folks that dare to listen in to what makes their hearts truly sing in life and then pursue whatever those things are because they understand that their heart is the one and only compass to happiness and fulfillment.


Where our hearts want to take us can be anywhere given all hearts have their own special happiness rhythm. Traveling the world, starting a business, leaving a job or closing your company, saying “No” to that promotion or opportunity that is “practical”, moving in with your partner or out, leaving the city for the woods, raising a child, becoming a Yoga teacher, or learning to fly a plane are all examples of where your heart’s bliss might take you.


Again, your heart is yours and what makes it happy only you truly know.


Of course it is not always easy to tune into our heart let alone heed its song. The alternative however is no good given a silenced or ignored heart makes life everything from; dull, boring, tedious, unfulfilling, exhausting, overwhelming, maddening and very monotonous. Despite our knowing this basic universal formula, letting our hearts lead is hard. The good news; living “heartfully” is something we get better at over time as long as we do our best to keep noticing the soft reverberations of those moments when we are able and willing to let our trust trump our fear. Fear of those “what if scenarios” that hold us back from letting our hearts lead.


Now aligning ourselves with our hearts is not a finite thing. It’s actually a process that happens over a life-time of cumulative learning experiences. These experiences are the stepping-stones that will lead us (when we listen and pay attentions!) into recognizing and ultimately valuing what our heart truly craves so we can ideally make following our bliss our number one priority. And so that “heartful” living becomes possible!


By “bliss” I mean that sensation we have when we feel totally unencumbered and free because we are in the zone of being and doing the things that makes us feel vital and alive.


To live this way is not an act of utter self-absorption without positive impact on others or the world at large. We are each here to be in the rhythm of our heart’s happiness because when we are it inspires others to do the same. Seeing others live “heartfully” reminds us:


“If they can do it, we can too!”


Moving into our heart is an intimate bold act that happens through our willingness to get quiet and be alone with our Self so that we can listen and reflect on what we want and need. This requires our; turning the cell phones off, getting away from the computer, leaving work behind, letting go of worrying who will take care of the house, the grocery shopping, or the kids. Once alone we can finally tune into our hearts through; praying, meditating, journaling, making art, or physically moving our bodies in a dance, run, or walk. This is not new information. We all know this yet how often do we neglect giving this level of quiet to ourselves?


The other essential tuning in piece required here is our listening to our heart in relationship to another human being. I recently began this with a woman friend who like me, is asking big questions in her life around what is next regarding the steps she needs to take to connect more deeply to her bliss. Together we have scheduled a weekly call in which we are taking turns witnessing each other speak aloud our questions, concerns, and realizations about where our hearts are leading us. These conversation have a soft gentleness free of any “got to get it done” energy. In our togetherness my friend and I are helping each other discover how to trust more deeply being in a slower more still place of meaningful inquiry and authentic intentions that support our letting our lives unfold according to our “heart’s plan.”


Friendship of course is just one resource for this being in relationship ingredient necessary to helping us attune to our hearts. We can also use; mentors, therapists, life coaches, or Spiritual counselors. The point is we are not meant to do it all alone. It’s simply not possible!


So how about it?

Are you ready to listen to your hearts plan?


Give it a try by finding your place of quiet within yourself. Do this through journalling, prayer, meditation, or just go stare at the clouds! The point is to find what works for you. If it helps put your hands on your chest and feel your heart beat. Close your eyes and be in that slow quiet consistent rhythm. Notice what you see, hear, and feel. Then ask your heart what it wants or needs? Notice what it says. Or, be present to what images may arise. Later on find another person with whom to share your reflection. Let them be your Heart Follower witness and you be theirs. Do this for a week or two and notice where your heart wants to go. Start moving in that direction one simple slow heart beat at a time. And remember: do your best to let go of your fear of “what if?” and instead trust in what your heart knows! Follow- Follow-Follow….




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